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When there is any dispute over any land what normally happens even when several and owners or families are contesting even among Omo online the proper and best course of action is to take the matter to court.

Now when a Court of competent jurisdiction decides or adjudicates over a land the several parties are disputing over the Court will make a pronouncement deciding favour of which ever party shows proper proof will be awarded the land and all other parties will abide by the decision of the court.

There is a supreme court judgment which was decided sometime early on, which prescribes five ways of proving title to lands.

The parties will come to and ask the court to decide court in their favour and usually parties will come to court with a description usually of the party with defined parameters of the lands that they are claiming ,the court will say ok ,you doctor oluwafumi alawo are the owners of 100hecteres of lands in the place known as akoko yaba ,starting of the boundary of lands known as unilag, from unilag first gate to unilag back gate all that 100hecteres belongs to doctor funmi Alao and same will be obtained in

the decision of the court in what is called a ruling or a judgment which must be read in open court. That judgment will now be taken to Alausa for lagos and be registered so the Victor will apply to the registrar of title of lagos state to register the judgment. The registrar of titles of lagos state will register the judgment and a registration number will be created and it will now be a registered judgment with number 28 at page 28 in court volume 2244 that will be in favour of the person that the said judgment was in favour of.

Therefrom, the judgment can be viewed at the land registry anytime anyone wants to conduct a search on the land.

A court judge mentioned can be enforced by taking police to the land and clearing out whoever the trespassers are based on the judgment. No judgement of Court is ineffective but most judgments when pronounced over land especially the winning party most times goes to perfect their title at the land registry so it will now be registered and perfected.

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